Russell Carr aka Spirt Russell

Russell's first baby outfit came in pastel pink with the sleeves rolled up- he was a
true 80s child. Inspired by the busy bass fingers and thumbs that he glimpsed from
behind his infantile aviators his varied playing career has seen him play with an
array of artists- from Skin's indie rock to Nitin Sawhney's world dub.

He's shared the bill with everyone from Shakin' Stevens to Paul Young and played
most of the UK's leading venues form Wembley Arena to Cardiff's Millenium Centre,
in addition to live work in some of Europe's tastiest cities and corporate gigs with
audience members as discerning as Sir Alan Sugar and.......Glenn Hoddle.

Russell's co-writing and production has included soundtracks and songs for various
artists and companies including ABC and MTV in the States and Endemol UK.

"If you can see my chin then the bass ain't high enough....."