Paul Williams aka Paul Sandcastle

As a child of the 80’s, Paul couldn’t fail to absorb the mullet fuelled, padded suited
influence of the new romantic scene. Earliest dalliances with the hairbrush microphone and tennis racquet guitar were to the sounds of Nik Kershaw, Go West, Madonna and Kajagoogoo.

Fortunately Paul has now moved on to a real six string guitar and has been gigging/
recording for the last 15 years with acts ranging from the real 80’s deal of Katrina & the Waves, to emerging soul legend Amy Winehouse.

Along the way Paul has also worked with John Martyn, JTQ, Producer Dean James
(Duran Duran, Nitin Sawhney, Sugababes), and presently working with up and coming folk artist Pete Du Pon.

Most excitingly Paul is presently involved with Rio, through whom he is able to
immerse himself in the sounds, smells, and baggy suits of the decade that
started it all!